Explorers Club

7 11 2008

Rita, a great pleasure. If you might pass this on.

I note the new Explorers Club imprint.

Some 20-years ago I was doing a book tour, which included New York’s ‘Live at Five’, NBC Today, Good Morning America and both radio (2-hours) and CNN ‘Live with Larry King.’ A standing room only lecture was delievered at the Club. John Bruno will remember! A portrait was painted at The Club. Excellent reviews throughout America.

Then it happened. Historic publisher Dodd, Mead went belly up … after 199-years! They in fact had published the Lewis & Clark expedition journals in the original!

The book was blown-up, and that was that.

Today, (just today) I signed a contract for an Italian translation. Title: The Longest Walk ‘The Record of Our World’s First Crossing of the Entire Americas.’

Historical links
As pertaining to the Americas, there are three others: the first crossing was made by Vasco Nunez de Balboa (1475 – 1517 (beheaded) / Atlantic to Pacific across the Isthmus of Panama at Darien. Francisco de Orellana – Pacific to Atlantic, over the Andes and rafting down the Amazon (1541). And Sir Alexander MacKenzie, Kt. – across North America, Canada’s Atlantic territories to the Pacific side of British Columbia. (1793) These three are the only antecedents with the journey I was privileged to make, though mine of course in more clement times and without a hint of ‘official’ support!

Greetings to all Fellow members.

Some of you may remember at ECAD 2006 where daughter Ayumi sang “The Star Spangled Banner.”

My best wishes …
and thank you for the consideration.



2 responses

31 12 2008
Larry Meegan

Yikes, George! Did you single-handedly force the publisher out of business? No wonder why I can’t get published. It’s a Meegan curse!
I hope all is well.

Larry Meegan

2 04 2010
Keenan Blaha

Definitely pleased with your article. This really is something that I’d been trying to find.

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