ACTION for CHILDREN – Beginning: ‘those that don’t fit in’

30 01 2009

I don’t know about yourself, but for me, after so many activities and actions here and everywhere, I felt that it was about time to get something down, like solid, while I still have the chance.

I could see the problem right enough, and it revolves around kids and the future! For God sake, what kind of world we leaving to them? Clearly, the spaceship, the planet we call Earth – our only home in the vastness – is degrading. What to do? What to do?

So, I created a framework which can allow – at last – our children, who are the inheritors of it all, to be best equipped to deal with the future. A future where the rules of life are being rudely redrawn. For this and other reasons, I turned to education and its renewal.

By harnessing the great power of Youth itself. By recognizing ALL their talents, abilities and yes, dreams. By allowing all to ‘become the best they can be.’ So much of what they will have to deal with is not addressed by school. It has become a vast amalgam specialized to the point of practical uselessness. This nonsense has got to end.

Preserving your own culture, knowing where you come from, speaking your language, understanding your heritage and its teachings, are all important things that ‘school’ has ignored.

In the process of this very broad thrust, I got the USA to (nobly) say “sorry” (and officially) to the Indian Peoples. That led me to stand inside the tragic school [Red Lake, Minn.] where the blood of 17 had washed, shot and wounded. In Alaska, with singular honour, I embraced the last speaker, and last of the Alaskan Eyak People, Chief Marie Smith-Jones.

Education renewal is the key to greater safety in Indian country; these and other catastrophes are preventable. And the application far beyond, the safety and happiness of all children is right there, too. It is for real. Join me in better securing the future.

Call for Support

Up to now many important things have been done toward guiding our youth, and supporting their families, towards a full education and yes, better ensuring the happiness of call concerned in a dangerous and changing world.

All my actions of the last 16-years, if not a lot longer, have been in this direction. You know, the toughest agency in the US, they gave me a special visa called “extraordinary.” That is, they recognized the sweeping education alternative being blogged here, to be one of the 300 ideas which could – if implemented – transform America itself. That it could effect a sea-change in the dangerous world of the American Young, that which has already done much too distort life in the Great Democracy.

As much has been done, as can be done, I think. To move to the next stage and act on the firmly established groundwork will need funding. If you have thoughts, or capacity, in this then we can grasp together this vast hope?

I am at your service and I am at

George Meegan



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