Trips about the Place – Manchuria

28 07 2009

I was immediately swallowed back into China.
Pronto a young man is telling me about the “Trucial States.” Seems, he’d been working in Dubai. The city bus came by as
I was signing my lecture programme over to him. In the deadly
darkness of the bus I happened to give back the (signed)
programme to the wrong Chinese! This sorted itself out. The
young fellow showed me his Dubai pictures, included one with a footballer.
“Beckham?” He nodded. The bus screeched to a stop.
It had to happen. I fell right out the bus! I was on my back, in
the gutter, two Manchus above me were shrieking at one
another! The foreigner at their feet, in the dirt, meant not a jot.
It was ‘Beckham’ who picked me up.

An A-Bomb Survivor …

25 07 2009

I am sometimes privilaged to meet extraordinary people. Yesterday I was at a college {Kyodogakuen Co-operative} and there shown a plant. This was grown from a seed, one newly discovered at the site of the A-Bomb [Pika Don]. The remarkable lily had re-emerged. “It’s a third bloom,” I was told. The symbolism was hope. Hope in a world which has effectively learnt nothing.

Immediate post War over 1,000 other Atomic & Hydrogen explosions were quickly released, endlessly tested.

Mr. Takemoto was with us at the college that day.  Mr. Takemoto is one of the world’d luckiest people. Survivor. Somehow the blast the fireball. He was at 1,000m from Hiroshima ground zero.

The rain fell peacefully, yesterday on Japan.

I guess this must be a title?

21 07 2009

Well, this is a special day for me. For the first time I took a look at this, MY blog! Daughter Ayumi’s been doing this for me; I could never really stomach it. Well, I mean,  rather than gazing into a screen, I’d rather  go outside and get an icecream!

Still, now I’m slowing down … after 56-years of non stop, hellbent, that which we call LIFE, the time has come to get a get a grip of this blog lark, pull something together out of the tumbling wonder of it all.

I’ll be in touch.

George Meegan