I guess this must be a title?

21 07 2009

Well, this is a special day for me. For the first time I took a look at this, MY blog! Daughter Ayumi’s been doing this for me; I could never really stomach it. Well, I mean,  rather than gazing into a screen, I’d rather  go outside and get an icecream!

Still, now I’m slowing down … after 56-years of non stop, hellbent, that which we call LIFE, the time has come to get a get a grip of this blog lark, pull something together out of the tumbling wonder of it all.

I’ll be in touch.

George Meegan



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22 07 2009

Heeey! Congratulations daddio! I’ll give you a call again before I take off to Dominican.

25 07 2009

You have the most remarkable travels Ayumi; Mongolia, Calcutta, Labrador, lived in Barrow, Alaska. sceaming about men in Patagonia …

Love to you Kid – dad

22 07 2009

Domo. A real first and miracle to me a posting!

When you go to Trujillo? I will try call tomorrow if yuor not gone. Got you on the rusu

Greenland is new country. I want to send Congrats — and also offer my culture boosting route for kids (carriculum) to them. How best to go about this? An annoucement.
love dad

22 07 2009
Larry Meegan

Hey George, I’ve been wondering when you were coming back online. Welcome back.
Larry Meegan

24 07 2009

I’m so happy to see that you have found your blog only days before I did! I read your book, The Longest Walk, a few years ago. I had to track it down through an intra-library loan here in Connecticut. It moved me so very much. I’m very intrigued to check out your thoughts about education. I have so much respect for educators who have the guts to essentially say “Hold on, this model is broken, it’s not serving children, let’s do something else.” John Taylor Gatto and John Holt are two authors I have read a great deal of whose writings encouraged me to take my sons education into our own hands. We make it up as we go along, but they are happy, healthy and actually living life, rather than spending 13 years memorizing facts that are important to someone else. At any rate, forgive my tangent, glad to see you and your family are doing well. Such a breath of fresh air!

25 07 2009

Hi Liz!

There is an almost a daily aspect to this blog business. I am thinking on an idea of inter-active website.

Am I meant to sign this — I don’t know?

Anyway, george

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