An A-Bomb Survivor …

25 07 2009

I am sometimes privilaged to meet extraordinary people. Yesterday I was at a college {Kyodogakuen Co-operative} and there shown a plant. This was grown from a seed, one newly discovered at the site of the A-Bomb [Pika Don]. The remarkable lily had re-emerged. “It’s a third bloom,” I was told. The symbolism was hope. Hope in a world which has effectively learnt nothing.

Immediate post War over 1,000 other Atomic & Hydrogen explosions were quickly released, endlessly tested.

Mr. Takemoto was with us at the college that day.  Mr. Takemoto is one of the world’d luckiest people. Survivor. Somehow the blast the fireball. He was at 1,000m from Hiroshima ground zero.

The rain fell peacefully, yesterday on Japan.



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8 02 2010
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