Trips about the Place – Manchuria

28 07 2009

I was immediately swallowed back into China.
Pronto a young man is telling me about the “Trucial States.” Seems, he’d been working in Dubai. The city bus came by as
I was signing my lecture programme over to him. In the deadly
darkness of the bus I happened to give back the (signed)
programme to the wrong Chinese! This sorted itself out. The
young fellow showed me his Dubai pictures, included one with a footballer.
“Beckham?” He nodded. The bus screeched to a stop.
It had to happen. I fell right out the bus! I was on my back, in
the gutter, two Manchus above me were shrieking at one
another! The foreigner at their feet, in the dirt, meant not a jot.
It was ‘Beckham’ who picked me up.



4 responses

4 08 2009
Shakil Zahoor

George.I can imagine it and very well can visualize how you could have fallen into the gutter,you are tailor made for these sort of incidents.

your freind
ex. Omar

6 08 2009

My Dear Friend Shakil!

“Taylor-made” indeed. Do you recall in 1976 in Rainham, when we were walking across a vast, empty grass field? And I fell flat on my face!
I had found the only – lost – tent peg left behind by a retiring camping party. I recall you laughed then, too.

Viva Zahoor!

9 08 2009
Shakil Zahoor

Dear George, being together for a quite long time on Omar, you have a full capability and potential to make the tumbling world upright,though ur prone to tumble urself very often,my best wishes are always w/u coz i know these are the dreams of an honest, strong and commited person,though fragile physically,i still recall the words of Y…… B… what he used to say b4 u started ur iterneary”George cannot survive,may Yosho can”


7 09 2009
derek owusu

you are a great motivator and my personal role model

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