A Surprise — a reader of my old book!

5 08 2009

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 1:38 PM a gent name of Dick wrote:
I have read the book and am humbled. Not by the physicality of your epic journey, but by your steadfast singularity of goal, your humbleness and good humor. You have one heck of a wife. You capture certain realities that only those who have travelled know. I’ll mention just two:

How dreadfully the fear of consequences can stifle so many valiant potential deeds. I thought a fear threatening like a black hole to annihilate the star of one’s soul, sucking the very matter out of an idea until it collapses and disappears, leaving but a memory, a dream unfulfilled.

What a relief to lose my human burden! [a dour travelling companion/guide for the difficult passage through The Darien Gap between Columbia and Panama]

Thanks a million. I thought it would never happen. You tell the truth.




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17 09 2009

Dick, only ten minutes ago I read the first of the two “realities” you mention, as I came to the end of this remarkable journey related in this gripping book. The paragraph gave me goosebumps. As a walker myself, there is a part of me who can relate (I cried with you Meegan at the end of your journey), yet so hard to understand exactly how he could have felt after so many years of his young life and personal sacrifice committed to this amazing walk.
Meegan, I wish you and your family continued happiness and spirtual growth – you seem to embody the ideal in current evolution – unfortunately, for the rest of the world, it will take us many more generations to catch up.

9 10 2009
Newbie Walker

So true George. I recently read your old book as well. You have inspired me to take walks of 7 miles, 10 miles, and 16.5 miles. I am shocked at how easy it is. I was sore the day after my 16.5 miler, but mildly so. It showed me that I can undoubtedly walk farther. It would be more difficult carrying lots of gear and continuing in this way for many days, but I’ve realized it would certainly be doable. Whenever I tell people about my walks, they are surprised but also immediately understand. They ask why, but I’m wondering if they already know. George, thanks so much for taking that walk! It means so much to lots of us. It’s been a big help to me.

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