My student: And the History of China

15 08 2009

My Dear student of China,

Yes, I agree. Much of Education is indeed a “waste of time.” How much of your many years of schooling do you now remember, a? Our focus was not life, but LIFE!! Thank you for your fine report, and the even finer spirit behind it!

Now something very serious. (No, not you!) West China is slipping into chaos, Few seem to understand how dangerous this is. At present both sides Han and Uhigirs are shouting at each other words such as “hate.” Relations have broken-down.

What to do? What to do?

Authorities there have scant idea, save increased repression, which would certainly lead to condemnation by the whole world. China could be facing suicide bombers, etc., and within the next year or two. Once the Dalai Lama dies (in the next few years) then all bets are off. For that would throw Tibet into play, and that means 40% of ALL China. That is where things are heading right now.

Can you believe student of China that you can help such a terrible situation? Of course not. Or that Kobe could possible hold any helpful answer? Of course not. However, I dare to say “Yes.”

I may only be an English teacher to you, but I hold extraordinary qualifications in this area. Yes, really. For example: I created in Alaska ‘Reconciliation Day’ (between Eskimo, Indian & White). A simple culture based school curriculum can balance things out nicely, and to all parties, including the People’s Republic of China..

Our University has the honour of over 500 students of China. This is a powerful grouping. I would like to do a small lecture to you all. Place: ‘The Chinese Residents Museum’ of Kobe; it’s in Motomachi. If they could agree with my analysis, then they would contact the Consul-General of China, in Osaka. Seek his sincere consideration. Ten together work-up a proposal for the central government in Beijing.

It is the very best thing they could do, for a peaceable and happier China in the future. This of course is also of course your future. And as you may know student of China, I look to the happiness of all students – don’t I!

So are you interested?


Oh, and escape is the best adventure.
“Bravo” student of China to escaping even one lesson!



One response

24 09 2009
Francois Dang

Hi George,
I am a friend of Tony, your brother, and you gave me your signed authograph book many years ago. I lost Tony’s address and contact details when I left Oman.
Can you please let me have his address details again.
I tried phoning you on 582 65 5887 but cannot get through so you must have moved on.

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