Changing & Unchanging Japan

7 11 2009

My former boss recieved a Japanese knighthood from the emperor. Another, whom I thought hated me, kindly asked after my health. And yet another invited me to an ancient Japanese Noh play.

Tonight “Sayanara.”



4 responses

29 11 2009
Gary Truhn

I just finished reading The Longest Walk… Thank you for doing what you did for all of us. I am passingly familure with a couple of the places you trod and view them with a new sense of awe and appreciation.

I became aware of your epic journey through the works of John Taylor Gatto.

Long life to you and your wonderful family

29 11 2009

Gary – Well John Taylor Gatto is the world’s greatest teacher.
I have trouble getting about on my old push bike these days,
what a dream it all was … and then I was YOUNG!

My best,

George Meegan

2 12 2009
Garth Wooler

George, where are you? Your phone no longer answers, your emails bounce back with dull repetition. HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY DEAR GEORGE on 2/12!!!

Write me a quick note to capture your new email address. You are always in our thoughts.

8 02 2010

Garth the scintilating sharp as paint doctor of Australian law.

my contact has changed with the grinding reduction of me here. Tel & fax is 81 78 411 4054


by for now loveable man and to your smashing other half!


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