‘Envelope of Security’

31 01 2010

The 17th of January 2010 was the anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. I missed it because I was with my family in far off Gifu. The night before Geoffrey had mislaid his passport, and by the time I’d got to Nagoya Station, the last train to Kansai had gone. I returned. Next morning the family all wrote their names into the wet cement outside out house: date ‘17th January 1995.’ Afterwards we went inside to learn the terrible news from the TV. Why had I been kept away. It seemed after all, my old adventure days “envelope of security” was still functioning.

Calling the Lost Girl’s Name

30 01 2010

In the China quake of a couple of years back, it was a toppled school. Sitting atop the wreckage was mother; her sole child was dead under all this. She shouted from the the downed concrete roof for 6-days, calling the lost girl’s name.

Jeanette’s Song

29 01 2010

Jeanette had survived 6-days without food and water. Her hand was broken under a fallen pillar. But without electricity and tools they could not get her out. Another tremor was persistent concern. Firemen from LA appeared and with gas cutters they retrieved bank lady. After 6-days of absolute, lonely black darkness this astonishing Haitian emerged and burst into song: “I am not afraid to die.”

Jeanette of Haiti

26 01 2010

Husband went to the collapsed bank every day, hoping against hope that his wife was still alive down under there somewhere. He still believed so. Day Six brought in heavy machinery, which was sure to crush any pockets of survival under the concrete. Each time the big machine paused, husband would rush forward to shout and to listen. Then he heard his wife, Jeanette!
“Even if I die, I Love YOU so much; don’t forget it!”