‘Envelope of Security’

31 01 2010

The 17th of January 2010 was the anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. I missed it because I was with my family in far off Gifu. The night before Geoffrey had mislaid his passport, and by the time I’d got to Nagoya Station, the last train to Kansai had gone. I returned. Next morning the family all wrote their names into the wet cement outside out house: date ‘17th January 1995.’ Afterwards we went inside to learn the terrible news from the TV. Why had I been kept away. It seemed after all, my old adventure days “envelope of security” was still functioning.



2 responses

17 03 2010


Well, so interesting to see where YOU landed up! It seems a long time since we met (probably at Vivien Berry and Roger Webb’s)and I doubt you remember me – Today I was looking for a contact address for Jennifer Nagae and you popped up instead.

Glad all seems well for you in Rainham! Please put me in touch with Jennifer if possible.

Warmest wishes
Beverley (PS Your blog entry on the Hanshin Earthquake was humbling. Thanks for reminding us of the anniversary this January).

10 04 2010

Jennifer Nagae, “Bay View” 8 West End,. Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales LL58 8BD. sory no number.

All the luck Beverley!


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