Yes, I am on the ballot seems for Parliament this general election.

10 04 2010

The chances of being voted in is on a par with getting struck by lightning. But then some are struck by lightning! A Guinness colleague was hit 7-times!!!!!!!
This March I cycled 150-miles and spoke to every business in Gillingham and hometown Rainham. I also canvassed the most notorious estate and hot spots and found beleagued, working class English. A picture of niceness. No other candidate had ever been seen there.
I am trying to get out my lauded alternative whereby all kids, no matter how bad at school, can become the best that they can be. i.e. great!
You can follow it all at

Hold onto your hats!

George — as ever!



4 responses

12 04 2010
Larry Meegan

Best wishes George.

Larry Meegan

15 04 2010

Did you get that Larry; its all an adventure!


15 04 2010
Vince Meegan

Good luck George! Don’t forget to ASK people if they’d please vote for you. You’ll be surprised what ‘please’ will get. Keep a record of everyone who says they’ll vote for you – ask them for a number or email – and remind them on the day!!!

15 01 2011

Thank you Vince as a successful candidate. Boy, I would need a real office to do the follow up. It was all a wonderful adventure.

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