I Stand for Parliament

11 04 2010

Dear Friends –

I need your POWER!

I am standing for Parliament this General Election – May 6th.
I am not running against any Party or anyone else. I go under the banner of Medway Independent. This is a handful of good guys at Gillingham’s Old Anchorian (rugby) Club.
I’m running for the safety and dreams of the children of Gillingham and Rainham, those who do not fit in, not with schoolwork, not with a system dominated with maths & science. School ignores our peerless local history.
Medway history inspired me to great endeavour. It can do so for all those knots of kids on street corners, currently without much hope. I can turn then into the same as their grandfathers and beyond, for they were heroes. This is what I was made for, and for which I won international top honours.

Ladbrooks are betting me 100 – 1 to win the seat. Please Facebook friend, tell everyone you know about this campaign. It is the best last chance for our ‘incorrigible’ youth.
We win, we change the world.



2 responses

15 04 2010
Vince Meegan

Good stuff, George.

22 04 2010

From you Vince, that means a lot to me.


george meegan

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