with Garth on the ENVIRONMENT

10 08 2010

rainham@georgemeegan.com wrote:

Awesome Garth, that croc and what a lucky country to have such!

We are losing 1% of fauna since 1972 that gives the shrinking window for the animal kingdom. A date out there on man’s wan stewardship. george

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 5:25 PM, Garth Wooler wrote:

Hey Georgy

I have this argument with every tree-hugging, pimple-faced new-born environmentalist I come across in the mall. I joined an organisation called ‘INSPECT’ when I was a teenager – it was an environmental awareness group. We all tried to raise ‘awareness’ about THE EXACT SAME THINGS that everyone is talking about STILL: CO2 emissions, clubbing seal pups, plastics in the ocean (BTW: have you seen this? http://www.news.com.au/features/floating-rubbish-dump-bigger-than-us/story-e6frflor-1111115470848) blah blah blah blah!!

You know what? All those people back then, all the speeches, all the awareness raising activities, and what happened??? NOTHING CHANGED!! NOTHING!!!

Actually, I lie!! Emissions, ocean dumping-and-raping, and every other environmental desecration INCREASED twenty-fold. We release more carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere every year than one major volcanic eruption. We’ve released hundreds of millions of years’ of sequestered CO2 into the atmosphere in one hundred years. But here is the beauty: IT CONTINUES TO INCREASE YEARLY. Look at the Gulf: darn! Now, ain’t that a bitch? Let’s blame BP. Say, hang on! What? Who?

So okay. I’ll be the One. Yes, the one to say IT. Yes, in the face of all optimism, I will say…

The human race, and the planet Earth, as it has existed for the last 50,000 years or so (a tiny speck of time), are both totally screwed and the end is in sight. The more serious-minded science clearly indicates that the warming accelerators are going to kick in within the next 10 years and after that we have less than two generations of human life left on the planet, at least in any semblance of what has existed in the last 500 years. It’s that simple; it’s a fact and it cannot be avoided. It is highly unlikely that you will become a great-great-grandfather. And nothing anyone says about anything will change a thing because humankind’s ultimate destruction is carved into its very DNA. People living today may not witness the very end but they will witness the beginning of the end. We can stick our heads in the sand all we like but that’s what is going to happen. And anyone who isn’t in that picture is in denial.

So, I just don’t care about it anymore. It’s too late and all the gabfesting just provides a veritable rash of sinecures for the well-connected. How much CO2 do you think the Copenhagen Conference generated? How many trees did it shred? Everyone is quite entitled to deny the simple facts of our inevitable demise, as long as they do it knowingly. I do it myself. It keeps me from topping myself. Perhaps some great miracle will happen and all of humankind will suddenly go back to hunter/wanderer days with club and spear… but I doubt it.

Also have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_Garbage_Patch

Here’s to the farewell party!! Cheers.

Garth! {Garth is an Australian Doctor of Law}

There’s not a comma I do not, and thunderously so, AGREE. A wonderful, and the clearest of diatribe which should be put on the moon as a marker of who we were.

Brit Olympic rowers won gold in China. Before the races 1,000 of the People’s Army scooped up 10 tons of green sludge each, dug by hand from out of the water. Another aquatic Olympic muscle sport.

ALL fish grounds to join the Georges Bank off Newfoundland – underwater deserts and by 2047

Species extinction 1% since 197 — But of course we do have those nice nature videos!

Gulf of Mexico: A single 21inch pipe covered an area like New England. So what does that same pipe, say, spewing out poison at 880 metric tons per second (and rising) do for the thin, and finite sky?

Every car is a mobile poison gas machine, such as used by the NAZI extermination squads, pre-concentration camps.

Note: Muscovites taking oxygen “cocktails” because of car trapped smog and summer fires; this is the future of the world. Moscow: What with some 350 deaths from the foul air, government advice is to “abandon” the city, and “as far away as possible.”
My view only, and not written elsewhere. This is the opening: the sky can no longer adequately support oxygen breathing creatures, including man. Cocktails all round!”

We need to do a thousand prudent things we have done zero. … and on and on and on.
Life as the bulk of us know it, is slipping to a finish this century.

My advice to students: live every moment as happy as you can. “That can then never be taken from you. And lean to LOVE which is one of our prime emotions.” gm




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