Meegan’s last Lesson

31 01 2011

For many ex-students of Kobe Shosen Daigaku, friends of Kobe and beyond, you all …


“The Shosen Spirit” Celebration & Farewell Fukae!

Fukae campus, Room 2307 of Kobe University

Wednesday February 16th, 2011 from 1:20pm

Period 3

1:20pm: 4 film clips of songs – 15-minutes
The KUMM students 2000/2001 in ALASKA winter.

Presentations, etc., and Farewell

2:50pm Outside closing with the Adventure flags

Period 4

3:10pm Adventure lecture in Japanese.

Also upon entry an Exhibition of photos “18-years at Fukae”

RED LAKE recalled — 21st March 2006

26 01 2011

A Turning Point for ALL the Kids of Indian Country

In the northern quarter of Minnesota sits a Sovereign First Nation of Ojibwa. It was here, exactly one year before occurred an American tragedy. Ten Ojibwe, ‘descendents’ of Hiawatha and Minihaha, lay in and around the schoolhouse, shot to death.
This terrible and heartbreaking loss can be seen, and in the starkest terms, as a cry for change. A single, signal turning point. Red Lake can indeed be a catalyst and the loss will not be in vain. They ‘sha11 not go into that dark night gently.
The on-going tragedies are many. Diabetes, to name but one, plagues 85% of the good people of Red Lake. What can be done? In God’s name what?
In 1982 a then young Englishman passed close by Red Lake. It was nearby the route taken – on foot and alone – from the utter southernmost bottom of South America and eventually reached up the furthest, most maximum North of Point Barrow, Alaska. That same young Englishman, now older, will return with others and on exactly the first anniversary of the terrible shootings, there to connect the first journey ever crossing the full Western Hemisphere with the Red Lake schoolhouse. This will commence hope. How?
Professor Meegan was awarded the only visa ever issued by the US for education reform. Called “extraordinary” it’s name is Hope From the Land of the Polar Bear, with reference for First Nation Peoples. [For mainstream USA it is called ‘Democracy Reaches the Kids!’]
Part of these activities included America’s Bureau of Indian Affairs offering formal apology to First Nations. “We will not destroy your languages or your cultural practices” it said. Hope from the Land of the Polar Bear offers the People and their beloved children exactly that. The direction is offered that is culture based and as regards diabetes, the initiative is emphatically health based.
Among events will be to the true teachers of the People: All Elders will be declared and presented with the robes of ‘Masters of Living Culture.’
So, join us on the 27 mile march – over 2 days – to Red Lake. You wil1 march under the flag of the greatest revolution, that being the American Revolution and you・will march to save a People and via the good Ojibwe kids of Red Lake and their Adventure and Nobleness combined — Join US!


“Camille the Great” & the Cuckoo’s nest

15 01 2011

Right – that is what he his. Olympic medalists are nothing on this guy. Camille J. Brassard, honourary of the Iraquis Nation. He reminds me of the great Indian Jim Thorpe, that kind of stellar league. Many, many ‘unbelievable’ Camille’s most used word, I could say about him. But for now I will just quote from his latest letter. {By the way we first met on the gob smack fearful streets of Palmira, Colombia. The year was 1979.}

“Today, my councillor, he work with mental health, yes! He’s taking me to the doctor. Yes, the nut doctor.
I-hour Cession. Right, he (the nut) prescribe $900.00 a month, wort of head pills. Really. And then everyone say, Did you take your “meds?” Everyone is on “med.”
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha, ha, ha. (Boy am I funny)
What a bunch of sick Puppies. Yes, must Be Real good The doctor Perscribe it/ Yes, Sir.
‘Don’t aggrivate an already Tumultuous Situation.’
Fuck you all.
Shut up and observe. CJB Fev 4, 1010