“Camille the Great” & the Cuckoo’s nest

15 01 2011

Right – that is what he his. Olympic medalists are nothing on this guy. Camille J. Brassard, honourary of the Iraquis Nation. He reminds me of the great Indian Jim Thorpe, that kind of stellar league. Many, many ‘unbelievable’ Camille’s most used word, I could say about him. But for now I will just quote from his latest letter. {By the way we first met on the gob smack fearful streets of Palmira, Colombia. The year was 1979.}

“Today, my councillor, he work with mental health, yes! He’s taking me to the doctor. Yes, the nut doctor.
I-hour Cession. Right, he (the nut) prescribe $900.00 a month, wort of head pills. Really. And then everyone say, Did you take your “meds?” Everyone is on “med.”
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha, ha, ha. (Boy am I funny)
What a bunch of sick Puppies. Yes, must Be Real good The doctor Perscribe it/ Yes, Sir.
‘Don’t aggrivate an already Tumultuous Situation.’
Fuck you all.
Shut up and observe. CJB Fev 4, 1010



One response

18 03 2011
Ayumi Meegan

Camille!! Can he be more ALIVE?!

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