Does the temporary, dominant Species not consider this?

22 05 2011

880metric tones per second … and nothing much to check this. The hosepipe, with narr a pause, will blast relentlessly outwards, like that giant fountain on lake Geneva. In a bare one century and a half, people have about tripled CO2 gas, in the atmosphere. Targets then? Pretty meaningless, this stuff hangs around for thousand and thousands of years.

My Brief Time on Planet Earth, as a Human Being

22 05 2011

One sunny afternoon a Croatian professor suddenly switched conversation and asked;
“Can we make it?”

This is what she meant: So far as we know to date, this beautiful and (so far) unique place we all call home is all we’ve got. We can take it that we are alone. A mere floating rock spaceship in orbit about a minor star we call Sun. Give or take distant fireballs, the whole rest is a freezing and fathomless void. No place for human beings, no, not all. It’s all we’ve got.
So, why are we currently and collectively, chemically shredding the protective dome we call Sky?