Where Does All the Money GO?

21 10 2011

“America is positioned, to do as well in the 21st century, as we did in the 20th; IF we take some tough decisions. If we make a concerted effort to reform our schools. {The president offers this alone as his one example what reform looks like} Put more resources (money) in our schools. {He gives a reason why} So that our kids can learn. {Until then, when more cash is lobbed in, then kids cannot learn, nor have ever done so in history. Really??} If we don’t then our kids are going to be inheriting an America that is not as strong as it has been, and their opportunities are going to be more constrained.” [Talking to Jake Tapper of ABC Nightline – Oct 18, 2011]

So, did Steve Jobs recommend taking drugs?

13 10 2011

He suggested that Bill Gates would “be a broader guy if he’d dropped acid once.”

And marijuana is a famous medicine to help control nausea and pain after an operation, etc. So why’s a medical issue treated as criminal?
The so called War on Drugs has cost billions, and taken countless lives; ruined millions of young people in prisons full to bursting and destabilized whole nations. Result: illegal drug use is now a normal part of the urban landscape.

If you want to stop this veracious and deadly nonsense, All drug gang killers and blackmailers et al could be defanged in a single afternoon, and you don’t even need to legalize the stuff. Just give addicts their dope free at any medical centre, but it must be consumed on the premises.

What a Tenacious Thing is Hatred

5 10 2011

I have seen some television from WGBH Boston. It was on US civil rights history. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, maintained what was called a “pathological hatred”, along with countless other Americans. This was not withstanding that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age 34. Did they not read just about everything he ever said?

Nothing it seems made a jot of difference. Nothing could get through their collective skull that this was a good man. And this helped create at atmosphere whereby an escaped prisoner was ‘inspired’ to shoot him, and from a toilet window. The killer had simply bought an assassin’s rifle with a handy telescopic sight that showed Dr. King’s head at 7 x normal size.

Where are all these racists today? Do they ever admit that they were wrong to the point of being evil? That was some mistake, after all. Should people not be responsible for their thinking, especially when it created such a lethal atmosphere?

The Nawab of Pataudi

5 10 2011

I was saddened to learn of the passing on of the The Nawab of Pataudi. An astonishing sporting hero and long time captain of the Indian cricket team. The Nawab faced the faster bowlers in the world (back in the 60s it was the West Indies) BUT he only had one good eye! It seems he saw two balls, but would choose to hit “the inside one.”

Porter to President

5 10 2011

One of the porters waiting at London’s Victoria Station, name of Michael Sata, has just been elected president of Zambia.