What a Tenacious Thing is Hatred

5 10 2011

I have seen some television from WGBH Boston. It was on US civil rights history. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, maintained what was called a “pathological hatred”, along with countless other Americans. This was not withstanding that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age 34. Did they not read just about everything he ever said?

Nothing it seems made a jot of difference. Nothing could get through their collective skull that this was a good man. And this helped create at atmosphere whereby an escaped prisoner was ‘inspired’ to shoot him, and from a toilet window. The killer had simply bought an assassin’s rifle with a handy telescopic sight that showed Dr. King’s head at 7 x normal size.

Where are all these racists today? Do they ever admit that they were wrong to the point of being evil? That was some mistake, after all. Should people not be responsible for their thinking, especially when it created such a lethal atmosphere?



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