Captain Kelly USN, Astronaut

1 12 2011

Dear Captain Kelly,

Please excuse me, Sir. I have caught a number of news reports and showing you both, and especially dear Congresswoman Gabby (if I may?). Progress is remarkable and indeed miraculous.

Mrs. Kelly is emerging as an historic figure. You great support, Sir has provided the turn upwards. The utter focus and discipline of an astronaut commander is playing its part. Congratulations by the way, upon the DFC, if that is what was presented you at The White House! Lindbergh had that also!!

Gabby probably has 100% votes for continuing in Congress. If she, (with you) could use her star-power to emulate President Reagan’s press secretary, James Brady, who engineered the Brady Law. He was and is a staunch Republican, also!

Please, seriously consider the information on page two.

Ultimately, this simple recasting of the one of the most costly issues facing the Great Democracy will bring great Gabby to closure.

America’s love of her could bring peace to countless Americans in the future.

Please take this seriously, Captain Kelly. I have been judged at the highest US peer review level, and my deep regard of America is well known.

Profound respects to You both.




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