Deed most foul – UK style

3 01 2013

Brute caged for Life – The body was drained of blood. “She’s been on at me and just would not shut up.” The knife “ended up in her” after she’d hit him with a bottle. [New Year Sun newspaper.]



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3 09 2014
Raymond Evans

George, this is Ray Evans from Barrow. Please email me at Have lost contact with you. I’m back on my farm in Missouri.

12 07 2016

Ray, what utter wonder. How can I ever forget the stirling magic of our trip. There is a book. I will send you a copy from UK

I am at but I will try this later today.

Love you man, you and yours and sweet Mrs, and “Red intruder” Kenny and family!

What a game this life really is. gm

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