A Book Review

27 11 2016

Hello George,

Just finished reading your book ‘The Longest Walk’ and just wanted to drop you a line of ‘belated’ congratulation.
(although your walk was some time ago I am sure it is still etched as if yesterday in your memory!)
I noted that you attended HMS Worcester. I was at your ‘competitor’ HMS Conway 1959-61. Went to sea in Donaldson’s, though my sea going career was relatively short. I emigrated to NZ and spent the majority of my working life in the NZ Fire Brigade and am now retired.
I’ve done a few ‘long’ walks myself, though nothing near your epic scale, but they give me some idea of the focus and determination you must have had. I took 5 months and walked from the Mexican border up into Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail, along with through hikes of the UK and the North Island of New Zealand. (I can appreciate your concern over bears, they do tend to get your interest!)
Anyhow, just a quick line to wish you and yours well in your endeavours and to thank you for an interesting read and to offer a delayed and deserved ‘pat on the back’!
Good on you,

George Spearing



2 responses

11 01 2017
Richard Neuman

HI George, just found you on the internet. I met you on your epic walk in Bolivia and Peru, and we had some very interesting talks. I was there in South America as a backpack tourist for a year. You – well you know what you were doing. Just now I thought of you and wondered if you had finished your epic walk. Happy to find out the answer and to see where your original take on life and personal understanding of this world has led you. Congratulations!
Richard Neuman, now go by ricardo
I moved to Hawaii, became a massage therapist, and after 23 years there have now lived in Southern Thailand for 11 years. My latest project is planting trees on 4 acres in the North of Thailand
Cheers and much Aloha

12 01 2017

Richard what a wonderful world we do live, and made more glorious by the friends along the way. Thank you Richard a voice from 37-years before!

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