George Meegan is an adventurer, lecturer and world traveler.  He holds the

most official world’s records (8) of any European (including the Longest

Unbroken March of All Time) earned from his epic walk from Tierra Del

Fuego, South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; 19,019 miles in 2,425 days from

1977 to 1983. Later he completed his walk to Barrow in 2000.


He lives in both England and Japan with his wife, Yoshiko. He has a daughter, Ayumi, and a son, Geoffrey.

He has served as a seaman in the British Merchant Marine and is a

Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. Currently, Meegan is an associate professor at

the Japanese National Maritime University, Kobe, Japan.


The story of this epic transverse of the Americas on foot is chronicled in

his book, The Longest Walk.*  This is George Meegan’s very personal account

of the challenges, the hardships, and the vast sweep of peoples he

encountered as he walked across the Americas.


Interestingly, no human has ever transversed the Americas by foot, nor by

vehicle or even by aircraft.  By foot, Meegan’s feat is unequaled.  His

book is in the Library of Congress, and pictured in the Guinness Book of

Records in Japan, U.K. and the U.S.A.; it has been excerpted as an elective

text for Japanese University study; it has been condensed and included in a

national text book of historic adventure persons now being distributed

throughout most middle schools in the Japanese archipelago; it has been

converted into an audio version distributed nationwide in the U.S. and

other English speaking countries. McGraw Hill publishers has seen fit to

include a quote of Meegan’s regarding weather in Central America in a

social studies textbook used in U.S. middle schools.



His feat has earned him national and international recognition. George was

the ‘most unknown’ ever to be in a four page Bio section in People magazine

and then later in a three page update. He has appeared on the NBC Today

show three times, CBS Morning News and also for a two hour radio interview

on the Larry King Live. He has lectured at the New York Explorer’s Club to

a standing room audience, and made numerous other lecture appearances

world-wide since his book was published.


* The Longest Walk was originally published by Paragon Press in 1988. It has since gone out

of print. A limited quantity of the original softbound version is still available and may

be purchased in person or through Meegan’s current publisher, Eagle River Type and

Graphics in Eagle River, Alaska. The book may be reviewed along with purchasing details on

the web site: http://www.northbooks.com or by calling (907) 696-8973.

71 responses

6 08 2009

George, thanks so much for taking your walk. It’s meant a lot to me. I’ve recently begun walking myself. Excellent.

6 08 2009

And Rebecca it doesn’t cost or poison the air, either! Big point the latter: the nazis before building death camps used plain old regular vehicle fumes to wipe innocent folk out. Same exactly as car fumes today. Believe me? Well don’t put your mouth near a car exhaust.

best wishes,


25 08 2015

Mr. Meegan, This is Jeff from Florida. I have been attempting to reach you since your first call to me. Can you please email me at jp9311@gmail.com

25 02 2016
george meegan

Rebecca – I’ve been locked out of my blog for years. best wishes

7 09 2009
derek owusu

you are an inspiration to myself, your life at sea and your walk means a lot to me making me believe in myself . i going to follow your steps

21 12 2009

Derek in Ghana

“Happy Christmas!”

george meegan

15 09 2009

I’ve always had this dream of just walking, destination unknown. Seeing that you have walked from one end of the earth to another is just so inspiring. I hope someday I could try long-distance walking myself. When I told my friends that I always wanted to walk across America, they looked at me like I was crazy. Thank you for letting me know that there are other people who share my passion.

21 12 2009

Go for it Sarah, you will not regret. Go for the far horizon and you will find the deep beauty
of your vast country founded as it was on a unique and inspiring dream.

Happy Christmas!

george meegan

23 09 2009

Hola George!!!!! Yo soy aquel maestro con Citroën. Non encontramos en Neuquén,Argentina… Fuimos desde Mendoza a casa de mis padres en San Luis. Siempre recuerdo a Yoshiko y a vos (Jorjito!) – Ahora yo vivo en ciudad de Córdoba -centro de Argentina- con mi nueva pareja (mary) – Un abrazo grande para ustedes y los niños… Rolando.

21 12 2009

Mi padrino Rolando!

Bien Navidad tu mi amigo “like an Argentine movie star” Yoshiko y mi ella (Ayumi- 31) y ello (Geoffrey – 29) visit Mendoza
German y Marie 2007 Tu infirma para casado con Yoshiko 30-anos!!

Abazo grande Rolando.

We love Argentina and amigos genta.

Jorge Meegan

28 09 2009
andy bolton

Very inspirational. i doubt you will remember me. Recently, at Barry Archer karate club we met briefly, you commented on my fantastic shaved haircut! Well i purchased your book and havent put it down.. fantastic keep walking George and maybe some time i may have the privilege to meet you again maybe even in Japan with some karate masters!

21 12 2009

Andy – well you know your chief and leader Mr. Archer inspires me, too!

Hapy Cristmas Andy,

george meegan

22 01 2010
Ron Csillag

I met George while he walked through Montreal in the summer of 1981. I had heard he was around and was sleeping at the home of a journalist who had interviewed him. I was a young reporter and wanted to interview him too, but when I called the journalist, I was told George had left. Knowing where the the journalist lived, the time George had left and his direction, I calculated where he would be – and was spot on; found him on Sherbrooke Ave. hauling his little cart behind him. George was happy to be treated to a Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch (though he argued with the counterman over why he could not have mashed potatoes instead of fries) and I then took him back to my office. There, rather unprofessionally, I gathered the staff and hit them all up for donations. My boss was furious and very nearly fired me. But I got a great story out of it.

Cheers, George, for a wonderful memory.

23 01 2010


I remember you well! The paper was The Suburban. Your shining gesture remains remarkable. You are in my original 600,000 word notes, but alas they edited out most of North America.
Ron, I still shout about mash potatos at KFC, and still never have those chips!
Canada can be so proud of such a splendid journalist!

great success to you. it has been29-years!


george meegan

12 10 2009
nana bayin

thanks for being the great inspiration u have been to we the youth of this world.You are the greatest motivator i have met in this world.I can recollect the speeches and words of encouragement u gave me when u came to the regional maritime university in Ghana when you were here for the international maritime lecturers association seminar. i really appreciate it and am hoping to meet u soon for more adventure talk.thanks to you

21 12 2009

Nana Bayin —

A Happy Christmas to you there in wonderful Ghana!
And regards also to your mother and family!

george meegan

28 10 2009
nana bayin

thanx for ur inspirational message i will forever keep the fire burning till i get beyond the sky

18 11 2009

Hi George,
I discovered your name and your adventure watching “Kintaro walks Japan” and I’m really happy because I’m always looking for motivations for my project: next year I’d like to do a long walking trip through Europe and now I’m training myself and deciding what to take with me, how many kilos I can handle, how many km I can walk in a day …

I hope that your book will give me some suggestion 🙂


21 12 2009

Oh a god average was 32 km. (20miles) A good a wearing maximum average is 40Km. Which was about the same as the Inca post runners with mail made up of knotted string!

Hapy Christmas Durriti!

george meegan

20 12 2009

I just finished your book The Longest Walk
I dont think I have ever enjoyed a book so much! Thanks for the many hours of reading your adventures

St Louis Mo

21 12 2009

As they say Jim “meet me in St. Louis – Louis, meet me at the fair!”

Happy Christmas

george meegan

4 01 2010
Jose Sabado

Hello George,

I am reading your book at this time and I am halfway to the finish line. You are truly an inspiring person. I am planning to drive all the way to argentina and one of these days that I could make it. And thanks for all your information about the people and places you have mentioned in your book. I wish that since it has been 20 years now since your travel, there would be a road connection on the Darien Gap. I wonder also if these border guards are still the same twenty years ago. I am kind a worried about Mexico too since there are much violence in that country. Anyway, thanks again on your book. It’s facinating. I hope I could meet you one of these days

24 01 2010
Ron Csillag

Good Lord George, but you have a good memory. The paper was indeed the Suburban, and my photo of you was taken right outside our offices.

Last month, we moved to a new home and I found an old article from People Magazine about your trek that I’d framed. I asked you to sign it at the time (again, highly unprofessional for a journalist but what the hell; the only other “celebrity” I cozied up to once was the boxer Jake LaMotta, so you are in good company). You obliged, and added: “At the end of the day but not the end of the dream” and a sketch of a boot. The article now hangs in my new home office.

I plan to read your book, as the general subject fascinates me; I recently, and finally, read Ted Simon’s “Jupiter’s Travels” and loved it.

Cheers and regards from the colonies.

-Ron Csillag

26 01 2010

Ron – Jake LaMotta “Raging bull” what a movie, what a bok of his life! Jupiter’s — I read that, too. I recall Ted not speaking to anybody throughout Tanzania. What a world!


31 01 2010
Matthew Cooper

Hello George,
I met you a few times in Japan. I was introduced to you by Jennifer Nagae and her daugher Erika. I’m glad to hear you’re still kicking and active. I have recently finished writing a book about education reform, partly along the lines of John Tayor Gatto. I am working on ways to spread the ideas to varying groups. I’d love to send you an advance copy by email if you’re interested. It’s coming out this spring but is still inthe last stages of editing.
Good luck to you,
Matthew Cooper

10 04 2010


I am standing for UK parliament as Independent on education reform. If in UK join me there in 3 weeks!

best and let’s work together.


2 04 2010

Dear George
I got your epic book out of the NIC library.
It is my second time, I originally bought a copy!
I hope you are successful in Gillingham.
England needs honest men like yourself.
Take care
David Kujawa

10 04 2010

Universal dream — just walk out the door, and with good heart. Thank you David.

8 04 2010





10 04 2010

… And thank you Scary for the honour you did Gillingham by your visit. The colour and wind that day made a magnificent compliment to you noble, Sir. As always you shone a light into so many lives there. Cathryn is a stunner and her backstop to you is also world class. Will the brilliant Gillingham slide show be on your site somewhere.

26 08 2010
Dennis Crenshae

Hi George,

not sure if you remember me or not, but I was a taxicab driver and freelance writer in Anchorage Alaska. You brought your lovely family over to my place several times and we had a great time. I also wrote a story about your Alaskan leg and took many pictures which I still have.

I’m very glad to find you after all of these years. I tried several times to call you at the UK number you gave me but haven’t been able to connect.

I have your book in my library (I told you you could write it better than anyone) and I was right.

I have written a book myself (www.secretsofdellschau.com) and am now involved in internet TV and radio.

Would love to correspond with you. Mu e-mail address is denniscrenshaw@gmail.com and am on face book. I will send you an invite as a friend as soon as I finish this.
your lost friend,

8 11 2010
Fez Meghani

It’s quite interesting as to how I came across your blog. For the longest time, I’d thought about what it would be like to drive all the way from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia. This morning, I set upon researching directions and realized that the Darien Gap is a serious impediment. Upon researching the Darien Gap on Wikipedia, I found that you had walked the path on which I felt the urge to drive. Not only did you dream, but you achieved. Your example is extremely serious motivation to little dreamers like myself… May you be blessed!

9 11 2010

Dear Fez,

It really is quite amazing that the route was never completed thus far? I was told down there that this was because disease, screw worm and such, from the south could more easily sweep north and destroy the great herds of the US.

Some take a ship round Darien. canoe with Choco or Kuna Indians might be viable?

Good luck!

george meegan

15 01 2011

Keep dreaming fez, the world is yours, now. gm

10 11 2010
Peter Fuchs

I have just finally read The Longest Walk which you sent my father, Sir Vivan Fuchs, in 1990. He died in 1999 and I Have his library now.
Yours is a most inspiring tale and you have my belated congratulations.
Do get in contact.
Peter Fuchs

15 01 2011

My word, Peter! Thank you so very much. You might not know but your father supported John Bitters for FRGS. He was the former SAS gent who made the last determined action of the 20th century, when in 2000 we got the US to say sorry to First Nations, and in these words. “… Cowardly killing of woman and children.” We are endeavouring to get the film of his historic parachute onto the web in the weeks ahead. Your father wrote in a foreword to a dictionary of exploration who adventures must be published to live. I have so far singularly failed to get published in the UK. Though an Italian edition is expected this spring, and of course published in the US and Japan. Any ideas Peter?

Wonderful wishes,

I am direct at georgemeegan@gmail.com

20 04 2011
Paul Stonehouse

I read your book a few weeks after I saw you on the Larry King show, many many years ago.
I was so happy to find your book again in an old book store in my home town.
I re-read your book over the weekend all over again and loved ever step of it
You have left a legacy my man….amazing story and it should be made into a movie.

23 06 2011

hi george, its amazing what you have done i am from uruguay and i have to do a report about an inspiring and big thing so i pick you travel in america i woud like to know what inspire you to do it and why you did this amazing journey,

19 04 2012
Paul Masters

Dear Mr Meegan,

I will keep this message short so as not to waste too much of your time.

A friend and I are planning to walk around the world in the near future and I was wondering if it would be possible to talk or correspond with you concerning your experiences and preparations for such a long trip.

Thank you very much for reading my mail and I hope we can talk in more depth in the future.

Thanks again,

Paul Masters

P.s. I have your book on order and I am looking forward to reading it 🙂

3 05 2012

George, I loved reading about your feat. I have used your journey to inspire my students about geography and the value of exploration. Thank you!

3 01 2013

Lindsey – just love those kids and the wonderful world of geography – the planet’s own history book.


george meegan

11 07 2012

Dear Mr. George Meegan Sensei
How are you?
There is an information for your job showing under;

Best Regards;
Kobe Japan

3 01 2013

Thank you very much Captain Furusho and a wonderful new year to you, Mrs. Furusho and many friends at Fukae.

Excuse my long delay. I rarely check this blog. Other things (such as surviving a collapsing world around me) take priority!

best wishes,

geo meegan!

2 11 2012
Jan Glenn

We met over 30 years ago in Central America, were hitch hiking and you were walking. I have just read the list of your achievements …. all ‘first and only’ walks. Absolutely stunning

3 01 2013

I had Christmas Jan with a family I met then in Guatemala!!

wonderful wishes.

geo M

4 05 2014

Wonderful!! Jan do you know Joanna Codrington. of that time in Guatemala? warm appreciation. george

3 01 2013
Janice Glenn

Brilliant George, I have speed walked everywhere for years!! At 55 I have taken up Scuba diving with BSAC – always had a massive sense of adventure which is probably why I hitchhiked down though central America and met people like you. You may have met a lot of people like me ( you’ve done a lot of walking!!!) but I have never forgotten you as you are very unique. All the best for 2013. Jan xxx

11 03 2013

I want to walk from London to Sydney (both of my homes), obviously there are going to be huge obstacles but I love walking/hiking/trekking and want to do this badly. Do you know of anyone who has thought of anything as crazy?

7 07 2013
bo keeley

good to meet u on the iquitos malycon last evening.
bo the hiker

7 07 2013
bo keeley

bo here again in iquitos- Ryan speaks of a man he walked the darien w- in the 70s, a person who was walking from tierra del fuego to arctic circle. i´ll bet you´re hee. if u want to contact ryan in iquitos, he lives in a shipping container w- a lot of snakes, but comes regularly to the yellow rose of texas. there, just ask Gerald the owner of YRT to put you in contact w- Ryan. the man he walked with had ´rocker´ shoes, and also taught him to go a few meters off the trail at night to camp to avoid getting murdered.

4 05 2014

Bo I am back and have finally gotten back into this blog, if not an Iquitos shipping container! Bo you are a giant and friend! george

18 11 2013
Janice Glenn

Go for it George,!!! Has it been done before London to Sydney?… BRILLIANT !!! I bet that’s a no – keep us updated on your planned route an schedule.
love Jan X

4 05 2014

Janice yo! There is the small matter of the Indian Ocean! viva you!

13 01 2014

Just read your book oooo man what an adventure and a page turner for sure .Wheres the movie this would be an awesome film .

4 05 2014

Dan thank you. I have only just managed to get back in. For years there has been talk for years. Do you know a producer?

17 03 2014
Michael Willis

Dear George,
I just started reading your book, & ironically am now substitute teaching Middle School Geography for a few months. The great thing is, the kids are currently studying South America. I’ve referenced your book, but wanted to know if there is a video about you that would be good to show them?
Thank you very much,
Michael W.

4 05 2014

Micheal, I just sent you an email. Many thanks, george

11 05 2014

Hi George, I contacted you a few years ago from New Zealand. I had read your book and completed some long distance walks too (barefooted). My family has relocated to Japan, but I discover that you are now in Alaska, correct? If you ever return to Japan, I’d love to meet you – walking to meet you from Kumamoto 😉

11 05 2014

Hadashi like the cartoon I saw “Hardashi no Gen.”

I am in Ecuador, not as usual AK. Here is recent days
best g

Jose had me on the back of his motorbike…

No helmets, and in common with the SHUAR, his long black hair belted me in the face as we rushed to the one horse village. The smaller kids ran down the slope towards us, so their kite could climb aloft and into the humid air. Home made from a garbage bag it was effective these kite runners of Tsuraku! Older kids were out and contented themselves mostly by tossing water over the girls of the school named Shrunken Head, it was “Carnival!”

No matter, Jose was lying on his back, yawning, when a young white horse trotted with clattering hoofs between us. The startling animal speedily linked up two others rushing down the muddy hill; they were laden with giant stems of plantains. Their speed surprised me. I couldn’t catch up to them until they reached the Shuar family at the bottom of the hill. They brought me a spoon and a meal in a tin plate. 5 lumps of yellow yuka with a small heap of salt, plus a mug of hot water.

With nightfall pending I made my way up the hill. The creatures of the night were emerging with their multiple and various calls t each other. From the hammock I could see a snow topped volcano bathed in the red glow of sundown. Was I truly in a world of children’s fairy tales?

Morning though brought another world. I had awoken with an earache. 50years nothing, now two in two weeks. What could this mean? I had also raised a lump on my forehead. In the pitch unlit darkness, I had only gotten up to walk straight into a wall. A new range of spots were itching like the devil.

I was given this time 4 lumps of yuka. Unlike Peru, Ecuador it seems was not yet claiming to be a culinary superpower. My health, one way or another, was wobbly, and so I must return to the provincial capital.

12 07 2016

Hadashi no Gen, a great tradition for you Bill. gm

26 05 2015
Gus Ibanez

George, I was doing some research on long distance walking and I ran into your story. I am honestly humbled by it. It is amazing. I am a former U.S. Marine living in Miami, Fl, USA. I want to walk from the southern most Marine corps recruiting station (this is where I got recruited from) in the U.S. to the white house. The journey is estimated to be about 1100 miles. I haven’t told anyone yet of my plan. I am looking for a mentor first. I would love to have you as my mentor and coach. I want to raise awareness and donate all the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization helps out our service men and women in the U.S. who come back from wars or have tragic events in their lives. I would love to hear from you.


LCPL Ibanez

12 07 2016

Gus – you do me such a great honour by contacting. I always tell US marines that for the rest of your lives you will always be the finest, when you walk into any room. Very best, gm

9 07 2016

George I still remember your tracking down Jimmy Carter in Plains, Georgia during your epic walk. Today they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.


It is good knowing you are continuing making the world a better place and serving as a role model for kids of how to live a productive life outside the societal norm.



12 07 2016

Richard, I have been unable to getinto my Blog for many years… until today!

Dick it has been 36-years!! I did have honour tospeak to President Carter in Alaska a few years back.

I will send you my latest via email.

With warm wishes gm

26 11 2016

How do you get from point a to point b without your visa expiring? For example the Schengen countries are 90 days, how do you walk through without it going up, without having to backtrack 90 days later?

26 11 2016

Sometimes Kristina I did backtrack for such as visa issues. but OF COURSE I carefully marked my position, so as to return to the marked point. This could well be via vehicle. What was important to me was the route walked was perfect. It gave me freedom WITHIN the longest walk. Also, 90 days one can walk through most all the Schengen one by one.

23 07 2018
Tony Bryant


24 07 2018

The beautiful Tony and his beautiful family.

I pray that you can lead NSB, Tony. Big Edu is destroying one indigenous language per day, every day. It is so easy to reverse. If I took charge of kids who are doing badly at school. I could then make the model whereby all languages and cultures can prosper. I outrank all the people who never respond. My emai: georgemeegan@gmail.com Tel: 44 74 225 227 04

24 07 2018
Tony Bryant

907 557 2057

2 10 2018
anil kumar

hello sir i am anil(24) from .mechanical graduate . i have been working for education of poor kids. i searched a lot for your contact . if you are reading my mail me please .email me at anilkasana4003@gmail.com . i am inspired by you .i read your story too. sir please contect me.

30 11 2018
Ian Brander

Hi George , this is a voice from the past my friend. You were always a man with a mission. Like the cartoon drawing of the duck walking with it’s expression on it’s face—-do you remember ?the one that I drew on the white board at American Plaza , Nagoya Japan all those years ago. Yes, I’m the convict from down under — sent there ‘For The Term of his Natural Life’ …………..& my response was ‘Thank You Governor” How about sending me an email—– ( ianlbrander@tpg.com.au ) Please say hello to Yoshiko from me(Ian) & Yuko. —-Yes, it’s the convict here.

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