Democracy Reaches the Kids!

7 11 2008

This is what I do, fight for every singe day of my life remaining. I have failed thus far to get this simple program taken seriously. It is highly uncommon that a reply or mere acknowledgement is ever received.

One continues …..

The Knockout Test: A New Idea.

A full alternative for the kids; those who don’t fit in, either academically-wise, nor socially-wise. It is called Democracy Reaches the Kids! and hooks unreachable kids back into education by focusing on them, each individual, each being different with different speeds of learning. First off is their all round health, then the health of the planet [Environment] That is all our futures, though theirs more than ours. The Culture of their country sure but of their neighbourhood, block and family even. Wonderful! All the family can play a key role in their child’s education. Communication in any language is encouraged but with a strong focus too on the mainstream language. Computer literacy is an increasing must. Social skills such as ‘manners make’th man.’ Then are their innate talents, and yes, even dreams in their real, non-academic world. All are given education validity, examined and recorded. It liberates teachers too. And casts back to the tax payer untold billions currently wasted under the false political mantra “For the children …”


 My vision is to gather together kids who have been lost to education and use this bottom level group … one of whom none in education can doubt that they have “failed.” Bring them back. Use their natural enthusiasm, largely lost in modern education. All will be filmed and recorded to make the worldwide model. Local media will be sought to ensure the community are involved, fully appraised.

Education today has become a process that is consumed in testing, grading, etc. And even that is on a narrow range of subjects that have no traction what-so-ever to an angry, dangerous youth. The essence ofDemocracy Reaches the Kids! measures and judges what a youth can do; not block and in effect destroy that youth by what he cannot do.

 Just this October ’08, in Izmir, Turkey, I presented my peers, reviewed paper of a new way to get all maritime students and cadets vital ‘Maritime English.’ It is specified for worldwide. In connection I also created a new dictionary of Basic International English on ONE SHEET OF PAPER (A3) to help in getting a grip on the world language.


There are a group of children in Great Britain who are called Refusers. You are not alone. In Japan some estimates say nearly one million, as you refuse. Kids, you swim in a sea of the most examined children in the world, and the B 52s of criticism fly over pretty much every day; yet you still refuse to go to school. Quite. This is now your alternative. It allows you to guide your own life, as YOU would, not THEM. I promise you. Maybe by some miracle you can see this. So run home and tell Mum and Dad, that there’s a guy in the snow. And THOSE who scorn you TODAY will one day see you different -for you will be heroes. 


Finally, I address the United States of America, directly to you Mr. Secretary of Education and the education/industrial/complex. You recognise this flag we march under. How would those harried giants who first carried it look at America, today?

Is it right that 25% of high school graduates do so functionally illiterate?

Is it right that 50% graduate physically unfit? And why do so many children suffer adult inset diabetes? And this right at the beginning of that great journey we call LIFE. This cannot be right, now can it? This is education’s manifest failure, the emperor with few clothes.

 Money – How much will ever be enough? This teacher dares to say that children need less money, not more money. You don’t believe me?  Well, your most feared agency – I speak of the INS (Immigration) – gave to this the only “extraordinary capacity” visa ever granted in basic education reform. It is called ‘Democracy Reaches the Kids!’ It is one of the 300 or so ideas, estimated per year by high panel, to be able to change America.

There is no country in the world that can change direction so quickly, here the US is without equal. If NOT and current trends continue; gated communities on the one hand, ROBOCOP land the rest. Education’s failure is doing this every day, and has produced an underclass of perhaps 40 millions. They who are excluded from the American Dream. If they cannot be allowed to follow their dreams, then they will surely lean to your worst nightmares. Many already do. The culture of the USA is part toxic, where FREEDOM has become licence, and ABUNDANCE has become, gluttony – from ‘Sea to Shining Sea’ And unless a child is well grounded and centred, then oh, how easily to be blown away.

Are US schools – these Emperors with Few clothes – dealing with this … in any real way at all?

Those of the so called underclass can be re engaged. You know, young Americans have the greatest dreams in all the world. DEMOCRACY can harness their dreams, but in their good time, and on their terms. Trust the kids – your younger American citizens – and it will be a 21st century lit by the smile of a multitude of Kids!

 If America leads then the world will surely follow for AMERICA IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD. This is the next great historic challenge before you.

 Democracy Reaches the Kids! is in the direct spirit – and is inspired from – the most important revolution in history. It continues in that great spirit. Have you the vision of those who first served under that flag? Madison/Adams both/ Hamilton would have seized on it.

Can you seize the moment?

Can you CHANGE?

Democracy beseeches your considerations.

Finally, I do thank the USA for all the many, many great things that you have done, and continue to do for this World.

Thank YOU America..

Thank YOU.