Going to the USA this Summer. First stop Arizona

2 08 2010

Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University
5-1-1, Fukaeminami-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Japan 658-0022

28th July 2010
Dear Sheriff,

Greetings to you Sir, in the famous State of Arizona.

I am a research professor at a Japanese university, although I actually hail from the UK. My focus over the years has been youth, those that do not fit it, and many of whom go onto to meet such as your good self, on the wrong side of the law.

Graduates rarely break the law. It is those who have failed at education, in some way, who are the problem. I have sort another way, an alternate route to education if you will, for such Youth. After years of observation and study, I came up with what looks like a solution. Indeed, I was hugely honoured by the US Department of Justice, which attached “extraordinary capacity” to my work. {This is a very special visa issued to non-Americans, and no more than 300 or so are issued, worldwide.} Indeed my special visa qualifies me for lifting society no less!

The work consists of focusing first on the (lifelong) health of the person, then their differing cultures and what does inspire them. We can build from such basic beginnings a ladder up to their dreams. They are after all Americans, and a part of the great dream living nation.

This letter comes to you via the hand of Mr. Franka Randall. He has filmed three adventures with me in Labrador and Alaska, where he was appointed “Honorary Citizen of Barrow,” home of the Inupiat Eskimo. All we would do would need to be filmed by Franka; so that a working model could, over something like three years, be created to thus inspire all the states of the Union. Arizona could lead. I am fully confident.

Sheriff, could you give us the first step? Could you point us in the direction of outcast Youth, with whom I could begin the process of turning such as gang members into eventually good and solid citizens of America?

I will initially only be in AZ a few days, enough for us to meet.

My very best wishes,

George Meegan, FRGS, AFRIN
Associate Professor of Japan
Kobe University – Maritime Sciences
5-1-1, Fukae
Higashinada ku
Japan 658-0022

Home: 81 78 411 4054 (phone/fax) georgemeegan@gmail.com
Official website: http://www.georgemeegan.com/
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