Letter to America – Congresswoman Giffords

1 12 2011

The Honourable Representative Gabrielle Giffords, BA, Masters Cornell U.

Dear Congresswoman Giffords!

I caught a nice picture of you with US Navy captain and astronaut Mark Kelly, DFC. You both look so great!

I feel qualified to contact you, a busy congresswoman, because I was honoured by the ‘Extraordinary Capacity’ visa, limited to 300 or so folk worldwide, and whose research was judged able to help lift the nation, in some fundamental way.

You are clearly looking forward to a long and illustrious career on Capitol Hill. As a person with a great many American friends, and a true friend of the USA, may I take this moment to just present some thinking to you, for a safer America.

It is not ideal, but it does appear that for the great mass of Americans, they do indeed wish to confidently keep firearms. However, they are cannot be confident when the US Supreme Court splits 5-4 on this.

Might I then suggest a fresh route: another constitutional amendment. One which finally – and clearly – would guarantee the right of Americans to bear arms.
That should satisfy completely one side of the debate.

I have a unique perspective here, because when young I walked across the USA, alone and without money, and from Tierra del Fuego. {Gabby, I was lucky enough to get the record!} Therefore, I know the hopes and fears of the many thousands of fine folk in the Great Democracy.

For them, gun ownership was never a problem, as stated over many a breakfast table. What decidedly was, however, was the fear of people travelling on the road who might (or not) have a weapon, legal (or not).

This strongly suggests that licensing, issued and checked appropriately by a relevant agency, as a necessary requirement, and a campaign running parallel to the constitutional amendment process.
Any person moving out and beyond their property, with a weapon, can be stopped by an officer of the law, at any time. There should be no legal hindrance of the police officers right to search anyone they suspect. They could demand to see such a travelling license for any weapon.
That should satisfy the other side of the debate, should it not?

Worth a thought then most honoured American leader!

Warm wishes,

PS USA — best miracle medicine in the whole, wide world.
Bravo America!!