My Election Schedule

27 04 2010

Join George’s Schedules on the Great Lines of Gillingham May 1st & May 5th at 12:00noon 

Beside the Naval Memorial tower raised for those lost at Sea during the two World Wars & with geographical flags from George’s adventure years “Last of the Great Terrestrial journeys”

Thursday 29th April 20:00 – 22:00 

The candidates all meet at invitation of Rev. Canon Peter Guinness and other local ministers at St. Mark’s Church Gillingham High Street / Canterbury Street.

Friday 30th April 

Canvassing Rainham High Street, etc. all day               

Saturday – MAYDAY 1st May 2010 at 12-noon

Declaration of Appreciation and Respect to Royal Naval personnel who have no grave but the Sea Followed by march into Gillingham and canvassing. Some film clips. Follow by Twitter. {If any media interest we could march – with flags – to St. George’s Centre and “Declaration of Appreciation and Respect to Merchant Naval personnel who have no grave but the Sea.”}

Sunday 2nd May 10:30 – 12:00

St. Mary Magdelene, Gillingham. Afternoon: walk with flags – to Rochester Sweeps 2010.

At or near Deaf Cat’s Cafe {owners Laura Brown & Kevan Middleton} And exhibit of Aveling & Porter building as perceived by the great local artist Peter Reeds .Thence to Gillingham’s Veterans Club.

Monday 3rd May 5:00am – 9:00am

Gillingham Station.  Afternoon on Gillingham High Street until evening.

Tuesday 4th May 5:00am – 9:00am

Rainham Station. Afternoon canvassing in Rainham until evening

Wednesday – May 5th  8:00am

As Protest: From Knight Templars and site – Aveling & Porter Building, late builder of world famous steamrollers, march continues to Medway Council, via Rochester High Street with stop at Deaf Cat cafe and exhibition of Aveling & Porter paintings. Thence to Great Lines. 

March with flags from the Great Lines along Gillingham High Street, via Gillingham’s historically named streets, Marlborough, Sapper Way, Balmorals, Franklin, Gordon, Livingstone, Haig, Toronto, Canadian, Carlton, Sturdee, Copenhagen, Nile, Trafalgar, Tovey to Cornwallis and onto Woodland Road Cemetery. Placing of historic flag at the grave of Rainham’s Meredale Infant School classmate to George 1957

1/ Nora (Hawkshore)

2/ Sir Freddie Burden, MP and Lady Burden

3/ Geoffrey Meegan of NW Frontier India, Seaforth Highlanders 1927 and Royal Engineer.

[Guest of Honour: Mrs. Helen Curness of Russell’s Avenue, Rainham]

16:00  Words {in Arabic} by Imam Shaffiq din. of Young Offenders, Rochester

Thence to Rainham along top road, with flags.


Thursday May 6th

And so to the Count at the Black Lion Centre!!

{All welcome to join any part. Everybody welcome … See You!}      

                                                                                                                            george meegan

Election Communication: printed & published by Ushido Press, 56 Carlton Avenue, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 2JX

Bankers offered chance to Happiness!

18 04 2010

Here I am with Geoffrey and we put our approach to the ‘Masters of the Universe’ in London’s Canary Wharf.

12 04 2010

Come meet George and the other General Election candidates!

I Stand for Parliament

11 04 2010

Dear Friends –

I need your POWER!

I am standing for Parliament this General Election – May 6th.
I am not running against any Party or anyone else. I go under the banner of Medway Independent. This is a handful of good guys at Gillingham’s Old Anchorian (rugby) Club.
I’m running for the safety and dreams of the children of Gillingham and Rainham, those who do not fit in, not with schoolwork, not with a system dominated with maths & science. School ignores our peerless local history.
Medway history inspired me to great endeavour. It can do so for all those knots of kids on street corners, currently without much hope. I can turn then into the same as their grandfathers and beyond, for they were heroes. This is what I was made for, and for which I won international top honours.

Ladbrooks are betting me 100 – 1 to win the seat. Please Facebook friend, tell everyone you know about this campaign. It is the best last chance for our ‘incorrigible’ youth.
We win, we change the world.

Yes, I am on the ballot seems for Parliament this general election.

10 04 2010

The chances of being voted in is on a par with getting struck by lightning. But then some are struck by lightning! A Guinness colleague was hit 7-times!!!!!!!
This March I cycled 150-miles and spoke to every business in Gillingham and hometown Rainham. I also canvassed the most notorious estate and hot spots and found beleagued, working class English. A picture of niceness. No other candidate had ever been seen there.
I am trying to get out my lauded alternative whereby all kids, no matter how bad at school, can become the best that they can be. i.e. great!
You can follow it all at

Hold onto your hats!

George — as ever!